Links to Traditional Music and Dance Sites

New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society (FOLKMADS) sponsors contras in Albuquerque, Taos and Santa Fe, as well as "Memorial Weekend Folkmads Dance Camp" with national callers/bands, concerts, music jams and other special events.   Info. Nancy 505/281-7837              

Tucson Friends of Traditional Music, Tucson, Arizona sponsors several contra dances per month, plus countless concerts, music jams, and the November "Dance in the Desert" weekend camp with national callers/bands, info 520-408-6181 .
One of the BEST SITE for national info.

May Madness Dance Weekend in Prescott, Arizona -- city weekend dance camp in mid May, national callers/bands,

New Mexico Contradance Sites
Albuquerque-New Mexico Folk Music & Dance Society(FolkMADS)
Las Cruces- Southern New Mexico Music & Dance Society (SNMMDS)

Arizona Contradance Sites
Flagstaff- Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM)
Tucson- Tucson Friends of Tradional Music (TFTM)
Phoenix-  Phoenix Tradional Music & Dance Society (PTMD)
Prescott - Folk Happens
AZ We Dance - Cottonwood, AZ (and Northern, AZ)
 Contra Dance Resources
Country Dance and Song Society
CDSS-Affiliated Groups List   


Music and Dance Groups in Neighboring States
Durango Bluegrass Meltdown
Four Corners Folk Festival - Pagosa Springs, CO
Utah Contradance Information Page     
Austin Friends of Traditional Music    

Dance Camps in our area
Folkmads Music & Dance Camp
 Harvest Camp
 Dance in the Desert
 May Madness

               Other Dance

Western Social Dance The Library of Congress offers a collection on the different types of western dance.
Dance in the 20s – This website explores dance back in the 1920s. It is Illinois State University’s website.
Dance Styles - Website about all types of dance styles .
Voice of the Shuttle: Dance – UC Santa Barbara offers an expansive list of resources that relate to many different types of dance.
Dance History Timeline – Dallas and Houston Dance Association offers an education timeline to help teach about dance throughout history.
Ballet and Modern Dance – This website briefly discusses modern dance and ballet’s fusion.
A Discussion on Jazz Dancing – This website provides people with information and videos about jazz dancing.
History of Modern Dance – A look into the major players that made modern dance what it is today.
Information on Jazz – This website talks about some of the basics of the jazz dance. It is the University of Alabama’s website.
All About the Dancing Occupation – This website looks at many aspect of a dancer’s career. It is a federal government website.
Job Availability – From Utah Valley University’s website, this page allows dance majors to explore potential job opportunities.

              Other Music

Music History Explored – This website looks at the history of music. It goes as far back as the Middle Ages.
Research Guide on Music History – This website offers an extensive list of websites and books to check out in order to learn more about the history of music.
Jazz and Seattle – This website talks about the history of Jazz music in Seattle. It is a government website. 
The BluesThis website explains the history of the Blues. It talks about how it is only one of a couple of true, American forms of music.
All About Musical Composition – This website looks at the factors involved in musical composition. It is the website of the University of Montreal.
Musical Term Glossary – This website presents a list of musical terms. It features words like “canon,” “cadenza” and many others.
Composing Piano Music – This website talks about composing piano music. Interested visitors are given advice on composing piano music.
Symbols in Music – This website is all about music symbols and how and when to use them.