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2018  Events/e-newsletters


2018 Feb E-newsletter    MARDI  GRAS! contra with Bayou Seco & lots more musicians  Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!  "Let the good times roll!  

2018 Jan E-newsletter   Contra Resolution - DANCE! with the Muletones

2017  Events/e-newsletters

2017 Dec E-newsletter      Rus and Friends plus Breaking Up Christmas in Silver City Jan

2017 Nov E-newsletter     The Boys are BACK .......

2017 Oct E-newsletter     The Muletones are coming to town

2017 Sept E-newsletter     Community Contra Dance, Pickamania 2017 info

2017 Aug E-newsletter      "Tropical" Contra Dance     Frances Lindsey

2017 May E-newsletter     Little Table Contraband, fresh off of the mainstage in downtown Las Cruces,  plus Lonnie calling

2017 April E-newsletter      April  SPRING FLING  with Jeff Lindsey and Rus and Dennis

2017 March E-newslette   St. Patrick's Day Contra Dance   and the Crickets are Coming !!

2017 Feb E-newsletter    MARDI  GRAS! contra with Bayou Seco & Albuquerque friends Scott and Linda

2017 Jan E-newsletter   Contra Resolution - DANCE!     Four big dance events going on in January - catch one of them.

2016  Events/e-newsletters

2016 Dec E-newsletter      Rus Bradburd and Dennis Daily Dec contra --   plus Breaking Up Christmas in Silver City on Sat Jan 7th

2016 Nov E-newsletter    Special out-of-town band:  Squirrelly Dan and the Cat Mountain Rounders

2016 Oct E-newsletter    Halloween is near so let's add some color to the dance - find a T-shirt with a Halloween or silly theme and enjoy The Muletones

2016 Sept E-newsletter   Guest caller LEWIS LAND and Little Table Contraband, plus take a look at the Hawaiian "looks" last month       

2016 Aug E-newsletter     Wear your HAWAIIAN SHIRTS and "Island Look" for this themed dance with Little Table Contraband

2016 June E-newsletter    2016 Summer Events - try something new !

2016 May E-newsletter     Little Table Contraband  and details on Albuquerque Folk Fest June 4th

2016 April E-newsletter   Another SPECIAL DANCE with the dynamic band CHEAP SHOTS from Albuquerque

2016 Mar E-newsletter     Melanie is famous for writing many new contra dances and she calls dances all over New England.   Let's show her southern NM hospitality!   Wear     "SPRING  FEVER  GREEN".  

2016 Feb E-newsletter   We are still celebrating MARDI  GRAS! with Bayou Seco & Friends

2016 Jan E-newsletter    CONTRA RESOLUTION!   and Breaking Up Christmas, Silver City   and NEW International Folk Dance classes


2015  Events/e-newsletters

2015 Dec E-newsletter   Caller Lonnie with the west Texas band The Muletones (Amy, Brian, Drew); Ukes concerts; Bluegrass/Folk/Country music jams

2015 Nov E-newsletter    Caller Lonnie and Little Table Contraband plus news on MEETUP group and Nov 7-8 Albuquerque dance with KATHY ANDERSON

2015 Oct E-newsletter     Caller Lewis Land & Little Table Contraband plus BOO Camp, Dance in the Desert, Jim Malcolm

2015 Sept E-newsletter   Caller Jeff Lindsey & Little Table Contraband,  plus local events:  Pickamania!, Pickin in the Pines, Boo Camp, Dance in the Desert

2015 Aug E-newsletter    End-of-Sumer Contra Dance, casual tropical theme

2015 May E-newsletter    Last contra dance until August:   Little Table Contraband   Come early and learn some new moves.

2015 Mar E-newsletter  Special Dance: Cheap Shots Playing and Kristin Seibert Calling

2015 Feb E-newsletter   Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! (French: “Let the good times roll) 

2015 Jan E-newsletter   Always the BIGGEST DANCE of the year

2014  Events/e-newsletters

2014 Dec E-newsletter    putting on the GLITZ!!! for the Holiday dance with the Muletones

2014 Nov E-newsletter    from Silver City, the Big Ditch Crickets, 14 band members strong

2014 Oct E-newsletter    local band Little Table Contraband

2014 Sept E-newsletter    Bueno Bye to our local caller Bob Archuleta, photos

2014 Summer Local Music and Dance Events   Las Cruces, Silver City, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, El Paso  with loads of photos

2014 Feb E-newsletter    It is Mardi Gras timeSilver City's Bayou Seco & The Fiddle Club, wear colors purple/gold/green: PHOTOS

2013  Events/e-newsletters

2013  Summer Music Festivals   July-Aug-Sept   Edgewood, Santa Fe &, Silver City NM; Flagstaff AZ, Winfield KS

2013 May E-newsletter  our favorite mandolin player Bob Deitner passed away

April 26 El Paso Contra dance  click to see flier and address, Jeffery Lindsey caller

2013 April E-newsletter   New local contra dances in Silver City and El Paso

2013 Mar E-newsletter   MESILLA COMMUNITY CENTER, back to regular location.  Dress for St. Paddy's Day.  Lot's of events coming.

2013 Feb E-newsletter   ZIA Middle School -- Bayou Seco & Fiddlin Friends, dress for Mardi Gras

2012  Events/newsletters

2012 Nov E-newsletter    ZIA;  and many local music events

2012 Oct E-newsletter  ZIA MIDDLE SCHOOL is current Contra Dance LOCATION

2012 Sept E-newsletter  Sept 21st dance with picture of the Muletones (Brian, Amy, Drew, Jim)

2012 Aug E-newsletter Coming FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th  --  The DAN LEVENSON TRIO from Yuma/Tucson AZ & L.C.
 Hawaiian Luau   theme for August 17th -- dress for summer fun
.  See photos from August 2011

2012 July E-newsletter   4 pictures & link to 2 full page article on our contra group, published in Southwest monthly newspaper Desert Exposure

2012 May E-newsletter     Last dance before summer break

2012 April E-newsletter     April 28th, a SUPER Contra Dance -- note SATURDAY

2012 March E-newsletter

2011    Events/newsletters

2011 February E-newsletter

Includes links to many youtube videos on Cajun music, history, Cajun two-step and Cajun waltz, plus suggestions for Mardi Gras costumes in photos

2011 March E-newsletter  Many Irish events, including March 17th Irish fiddler Paddy Jones from Kerry-Cork, and March 24 Celtic band Slide at NMSU

2011 April E-newsletter    Rent increase, entrance cost raised $1

2011 May E-newsletter    Dancer news updates

2011 August E-newsletter    Tropical Hawaiian Luau theme -- come dressed for a beach party

2011 October E-newsletter     Halloween Costume Contra Dance

2011 November E-newsletter     Take a look at dance video links in Prescott AZ and Asheville NC

2011 December E-newsletter    Photo new callers and 2 dance video links in Montpelier VT and Santa Barbara CA